E-Book | Ducking Kisses in Three Cushion 1


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This book is a collection of all the obvious as well as hidden dangers of kisses and how to solve them. Andreas Efler has grouped the patterns in order to structure an almost endless topic.

Any strategy to avoid kisses is mostly about the decision of which of the two balls should pass the danger zone first when the paths of B 1 and B 2 cross. Only when you follow a plan consistently and also carry it out with the same consistency, will you gain a feeling over the years for correct “crossings”, so that an automatic process develops which enables the player to find the correct strategy within fractions of seconds. If B 2 is in danger of kissing B 3 it is mainly about controlling B 2’s path. If the ambitious player does not develop an awareness for the proportion of the velocities of B 1 and B 2 and their respective paths, avoiding kisses will always, like Russian roulette, be a gamble.

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