Winner of the UMB World Cup tournament in Veijle (DK) 1995

Vice World Champion at the Team WC in Viersen (D) 1998, together with G. Kostistansky

Vice European Champion in Odense (DK) 1994

3. Place at the Team EC in Dinard (F) 2008, together with A. Kronlachner

3. Place at the Team EC in St. Brevin (F) 2012, together with H. Szivacz

Overall Winner of the NBL tournament series 2005, 2006 und 2009

Winner of numerous national Grand Prix tournaments

Multiple Austrian and Swiss Champion

Team Champion in Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland

Austrian Champion 2013

World Championship Bronze at the Team WC in Viersen (D) 2016, together with A. Kahofer

Austrian Champion 2016